WinXBase 1.0

Contains only source code.This program enables to view, print...

Contains only source code. This program enables to view, print and edit *. dbf files, shows their structure a enables to create new DBF file. It uses Xbase project from Gary A.

Kunkel and CRowView class from Microsoft. Source code uses doc/view architecture of MFC. After opening a. DBF file you see all rows. On left mouse button, ENTER key or menu item you can edit a row.

F2 saves changes. VK_INSERT, VK_DELETE work appropriate. Could be used as 'first aid' - if there are some bugs also last aid ( :-) ) - first make a copy of your *.

dbf file. For compilation I used Microsoft Visual C++ 6. 0 Introductory Edition because I do not own neither Standart Edition. But you can donate me and I will buy actual VC++ version (and OS, because MS already does not allready sell VC++ for my Windows 98) or other compiler with MFC.

The terms of the End User License Agreement for Visual C++ Introductory Edition do not permit redistribution of executables you create with this Product.

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WinXBase 1.0

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